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EVG Group Company Held a Support Action

On 14th of May, our company joined the baton of assistance and held a distribution of ready meals. 200 dinners were dispersed in 20 minutes.

Such actions are held in Phuket voluntarily, with the support and control of local authorities. Many restaurants and companies were ready to help in such a tough time.
People are maintaining order and distance in lines to get food. Generally, their discipline deserves to be highlighted. All quarantine restrictions, such as curfews, districts' lockdown, a ban on selling, and purchasing alcohol were followed by the population unquestioningly. And, of course, everyone is wearing masks. As a result, the number of people infected with coronavirus is rapidly decreasing. Recently, single cases have been confirmed in Phuket, but not every day.

The authorities also take care of the residents. When the districts were closed, administration representatives were visiting homes to measure the temperature and spread emergency rations to everyone indiscriminately, both to Thai citizens and foreigners. During quarantine, people are paying for electricity bills at a lowered fare, receive deferrals for large loans. Citizens who were laid off due to quarantine are receiving 50% of the salary from the state. Discounts are also made for foreigners — for example, property owners are temporarily reducing the cost of the rent.